links to some of my favorite sites

The official site for Dr. Eric Pearl

J,J, Hurtak, Ph.D; Ph.D.  Author of Keys of Enoch

Lee Carroll Channel for Kryon the Magnetic

My Friend and Mentor Caz's Reiki Website

National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine

Colloidal Silver information

Emotional Freedom Technique

Official Hanna Kroeger's site

Global Healing Site

Distant Healing Network

Elli's site is incredible there is vast amounts of information

This site has some great illusions

Doreen Virture Angel site

Zen Website with daily message and meditation

James Twyman the Peace Troubadour

Gregg Braden science and spirituality

The Emerald Table teachings from Thoth

Ester and Jerry Hicks channels of Abraham

A Holistic Vet my favorite kind of vet